KQ Liverpool Innovation and Growth Services

The KQ Liverpool ecosystem thrives thanks to its collaborative outlook and partnership networks. 

We measure our success upon the achievements of the businesses that are located within KQ Liverpool and helping to nurture and grow those businesses is of utmost importance to us. That is why KQ Liverpool is always on hand to offer wrap-around support to each and every person that makes up this thriving ecosystem. 

This active collaboration is delivered through a number of bespoke initiatives, which are helping to drive inward investment into KQ Liverpool, grow a network of advocates for our world-class innovation district and prioritise the inclusive innovation agenda.

Our dedicated KQ Liverpool team works to facilitate these connections, create bespoke business support programmes and run a series of events, which is all provided at no cost to the businesses that benefit from them.

You can find out more about the full range of KQ Liverpool Innovation and Growth Services below.

KQ Base

KQ Base is a soft-landing programme, which aims to de-risk inward investment for companies looking to expand their business presence to the UK market for the first time.

Designed with global businesses at its heart, KQ Base helps companies to establish a strong business presence in Liverpool City Region and set-up home within KQ Liverpool’s world-leading innovation district, via the provision of a bespoke package of financial support and operational resources.

In addition to finding the perfect home in one of the high specification laboratories or innovative office spaces within KQ Liverpool, incoming businesses will have their rent covered for the first six months too.

The programme also calls upon the expertise of nine local advisors, to provide bespoke financial, legal, marketing, skills and business development support, professional guidance and local knowledge.


KQ Grow

KQ Grow is a bespoke business support programme designed to give existing KQ Liverpool based businesses the support they need to grow and thrive here.

The programme is designed to fill any gaps local organisations may have in their knowledge or resource, with free bespoke advice and guidance being provided from the 11 KQ Grow partnering experts. 

KQ Grow, also enables scale-ups to become better connected to the business community across Liverpool and provides direct access to the City Region’s talent pipeline.


KQ Culture

The impact of culture is deeply embedded into KQ Liverpool’s 2025 Vision, ensuring that all of our activities are as sustainable and inclusive as possible.

With culture playing such a crucial role in the regeneration of Liverpool City Region, it is key that we continue to nurture our cultural offering across KQ Liverpool through a range of community initiatives, in which the people that live, work and learn in our innovation zone can have a direct impact on its development. 

The KQ Culture programme delivers a series of cultural projects across the innovation district working closely with its surrounding community groups. The first project – The Paddington Village School Design Challenge was launched in 2021 in partnership with Dot-Art and USP Creative.


Sixth Form Into Science

Sixth Form Into Science encourages young people to learn about the innovation, science and technology career opportunities available within KQ Liverpool, with an aim of creating tangible aspirations.

The programme works with Secondary school pupils and their career leads, physically bringing them into previously unopened areas within KQ Liverpool to demonstrate what’s on offer right on their doorstep.

KQ Liverpool based businesses will benefit from this talent pipeline in the longer term, but are also encouraged to get involved now by sharing their STEM expertise and insights, offering work experience placements and hosting visits to their facilities. 

KQ Connect

Navigating the dynamic and ever expanding network of investment channels, academic departments and need to know people within KQ Liverpool may seem like a challenge, but our dedicated team is on hand to do this for you.

As part of our innovation services, the KQ Liverpool team acts as a facilitator to make those vital introductions and can help sign-post you to the wider business support network within Liverpool City Region as required. 

Whether you are looking to find a specific academic expert in the field of virology, want to find out more about the current grant opportunities available to start-ups in Liverpool or would like help recruiting local graduates to expand your team, KQ Liverpool’s extensive network can be easily accessed through targeted introductions by our dedicated team.

Sciontec Reward

Sciontec is the commercial, spin-out property development company of KQ Liverpool. It owns and operates Liverpool Science Park (LSP), manages Sciontec AI in The Spine and is developing new, world-class science & technology facilities across the Liverpool City Region.

Sciontec Reward is a community referral scheme providing tiered rewards for successful introductions of new customers who go on to take space within the Sciontec portfolio in KQ Liverpool. 

Incentive schemes like Sciontec Reward help to grow our community by leading to further innovation, creative research and development, and investment, plus the redemption of the referral reward vouchers helps boost spending at local retail, hospitality and leisure outlets.

MAKE A REFERRAL VIA: enquiries@sciontec.co.uk

Community and Events

KQ Liverpool hosts a diverse programme of events throughout the year, bringing together the people that make the place.

These events form part of our wider innovation support offer, encouraging new relationships to be made, assisting knowledge transfer and accelerating business growth. 

Events curated often include sector specific roundtables, innovation support drop-in sessions, business networking events and community celebrations.

Access to Finance

Taking new ideas to market can be a complex process, with businesses often facing finance related hurdles. Once established, there are many funding options for scale-ups, but to improve chances of receiving funding, businesses need to make themselves attractive to investors.

KQ Liverpool’s innovation services aim to demystify the investment landscape, raise awareness of the latest funding calls and grant opportunities available and connect business to financial advisors who can help provide bespoke financial and investment ready strategies. 

Get in touch to find out more about any of our KQ Liverpool initiatives