The future is Fabric District

A new prospectus has been released showcasing the future vision for Fabric District, a key component of Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter.

The document, created by Fabric District CIC, sets out how the once thriving area is set to become a resurgent force in the city’s economy, retaining the strengths of its existing community and welcoming new residents, businesses and visitors.

Its vision includes enhancing the public realm to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over motor vehicles, bringing vacant sites and buildings back into use, especially at street level, encouraging vibrant street activity and appropriate new developments, including affordable accommodation, while helping to create new start-up and employment opportunities.

Fabric District CIC is working closely with Liverpool City Council and Knowledge Quarter Liverpool to drive forward a long-term, community-led regeneration strategy.

In his opening remarks of the prospectus, Michael Birkett, chair of Fabric District CIC, says:

“The Fabric District will regain its status as a vibrant part of Liverpool City Centre.”

The prospectus describes the potential of Fabric District:

“The Fabric District connects the cultural heart of the city with the University campuses and the ‘centre of knowledge’…[It] has the absolute potential to reverse its fortunes. Many ‘green shoots’ have already appeared.”

Colin Sinclair, chief executive of Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, adds:

“As a key area within KQ Liverpool, the Fabric District will play a crucial part in the ongoing economic growth and prosperity within our innovation district. Attracting additional public and private sector investment to help regenerate the area will provide further stimulus to support the great progress made to date.”

The new prospectus can be found here.